How good can a $160 handgun be?


By: Mad Hatter


I'm fairly new to the militia, And as a new member, I found myself with the need to equip.  Also, Being a husband and a father, I needed to equip cheaply.


  A visit to my local gun store introduced me to "Hi-Point Firearms", An odd looking handgun hiding among weapons three times it's price.  So I researched it as I do everything: A Yahoo search.


First off, "Hi-Point" is American made, They have a lifetime warranty, no matter what. They come in .380, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45acp.


I chose .40 because it's a little stronger than the nine, And the Hi-Point .40 holds ten rounds versus the .45's 9 rounds ( Yes, It's only 1 different, but I have a thing for even numbers. )


  It comes with a tactical rail, a manual thumb safety, and a magazine disconnect safety. ( It won't shoot without a magazine in it, even if there's a round in the chamber. )

  Nice features, But how does it shoot?


  On-line reviews say they shoot VERY reliably. This I can attest to. The second round out of each new magazine failed to feed properly. After finishing off the mags and reloading them, it's been great. As long as you hold your wrist tight, it'll cycle fine.


  Some reviews called them inaccurate, clunky, and slow. But the rear sight's adjustable, it even comes with a ghost ring type rear sight. What I aim at, I hit. That simple. And slow? It cycles faster than I can pull the trigger. That's fine for me. Clunky?  The mag does rattle a bit when holstered. and there's this slightly annoying gap between the grip and the frame. But both these are easily overlooked when compared to the damage my spouse would've done to me when I tried to justify spending $500 on a handgun.


  The only real drawback is it's a pain to strip.  You have to push out a rollpin with a punch and a hammer to get it to come apart.


  But, It's a great tool for the price.  Solid, Reliable, Easy to use, everything I need in a sidearm.


Mad Hatter, Livingston County