Training available from the SMVM

Come out and train. It is your right and duty to do so...



Jan 3-5 Island Lake. Hopefully at a cabin. Winter gear check, Valley Forge patrol. Good stuff, Maynard.

Feb 7-9 Location TBD. Snowdog. Bam.

March 1st. The Pit. Heavy gunner and pistol qual. Transition shooting. Doughnuts.

Apr 4-6 Bald Mountain. Non combatant escorts and evacuation.

May 2-4 Location TBD. Marksman shooting qual.

June 6-8 Island Lake. Waterborne operations. If necessary, just on the 7th. Kayaks, canoes, float tubes. Foot patrols, too.

July 11-13 Location TBD. Wolf Challenge. Force on force operations.

Aug 1-3 Island Lake Organization Campground if possible. Escape and evade. Terminator M.

Sep 5-7 Location TBD. Marksman qual.

Oct 3-5 Island Lake or other org campground. Lottie, Dottie, everybody militia training of goodness.

Nov 1 The Pit. Bam.

Dec 5-7 Bald Mountain Cabin.





Training schedule is tentative and depends upon D-Day and our ability to pay for camping.



Training no longer takes place at Camp Stasa. Locations will be announced at the public meetings and on our forums. We may post more specific information on the index page.

If you have a farm or large wooded area, similar to Camp Stasa, and you would be willing to allow good militia people to come and train there, we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Training also may occur during the third weekend of the month, at least hiking at Island Lake park.

If you want to participate as a training officer, please feel free to volunteer. Observers are welcome at training, if you just want to come and see what it is all about. If you are short some gear, we can usually hook you up for the training session with whatever you are missing, including letting you try out a back-up rifle, if necessary. To read about some of our previous training, go back and read our "Archived Field Reports".

Training occurs on the FIRST weekend of each month, most of the time. Sometimes it is the second weekend. Always check the main page of the site if you have any doubt about when training is scheduled. Training  begins at 8AM, but feel free to show up earlier if you need to adjust gear, and other necessary stuff. Not everybody will be at every training, but we believe that good, qualified people will be on hand to help you with some marksmanship, Level One, and other drills.

Remember, training may be limited to Sunday only for hunting or CCW purposes. Check back here or e-mail Lee to verify.

No alcohol, No illegal drugs, and No illegal weapons allowed at ANY SMVM training anywhere, ever.

Several of our local friends and associates also provide classes to familiarize new shooters with firearm handling, safety, and basic marksmanship. If you have never shot a firearm before, this is a small step in the right direction. Please contact Frank L..

For CCW classes, you may also wish to contact Robert Fauls in Livingston County.  Please note that the listing of contact information here does not imply association with any militia group or unit. (I do not wish to anger my Dad...).

We are also forming up first aid classes soon. One of our medics is a trained instructor, and we feel that first aid training is very valuable, not only for "militia type" people, but for everyone. E-mail us if you have an interest in this. We anticipate a cost of around $30-$35 for this class.

First aid classes may also be available through The American Red Cross of Southeastern Michigan.

Online amateur radio training information can be found at

Training of some sort is important. Americans of every sort should be more prepared to defend themselves and their community. If we end up sending most of our Army and National Guard to the middle east, Korea, The Philippines, Columbia, Bosnia, Venezuela, or France for some reason (do ya think?), then it may be left to American citizens to provide for our own defense. It is very possible, and it is not a joke. Get out and train.

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